Randomized Adventure


The labyrinth is an ever changing beast. Once you leave a room, you may never return. Choose each direction carefully as you make your way through a new story.

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Varied Items


Not all the treasures of the maze belong to Staz. If you find yourself lucky, you may bump into an item or two along your adventure. 

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Intense Boss Battles


The Scar, a fierce band of thieves owns this maze. Taking the form of man, animal, or monster, each of these guards their respective sector. Face off against each to take back the story. 


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 The creatures that dwell in the maze are things that are not of the human world. Make sure to be ever watchful of what's behind you, because the things that linger in the shadows could be your end.






The environment can be used as your friend, or your enemy. The Odyssey has every environment you can imagine, so make sure to be prepared if you value your condition.